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Faster leasing. Better protection.

While cash deposits collect dust in escrow accounts, Rhino accelerates leasing and improves NOI for owners nationwide.


Leasing agents are moving renters in 50% faster.

“Deposit-free” listings reduces a unit’s days on the market by a week on average, helping leasing teams maximize occupancy.

Renters can’t stop talking about the seamless leasing process.

A simple invitation process lets renters get customized policies in about a minute, and they report higher satisfaction with on-site teams when they see the price.


Renters save at move-in with smarter protection for owners.

Lower upfront moving costs leaves renters more satisfied with on-site teams, all while minimizing risk from excessive damage and loss of rent.

Owners eliminate bad debt with comprehensive coverage from losses.

Claims that can be filed during the lease and are resolved in 4 days on average keep bad debt off of property books, and repayment to Rhino improves relationships with renters.

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